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About Us

Welcome to my website dedicated to the cultivation and sale of mostly cacti and plants of the genus Tillandsia.

I’ve been dealing with growing cacti since 1967. In 1987, I first traveled to their homeland - Mexico - and since then I've visited Mexico eight times, U.S. one time, Argentina four times, Chile one time, Peru one time, Bolivia two times, Cuba one time and Caribbean islands one time.

Till 2006, I built my collection in my birthplace in a small village of Baska. Now I grow tilandsias and cacti in a new modern polycarbonate "greenhouse" on a growing area of approximately 100 square meters in Frydek-Mistek.

The present collection consists mainly of plants of genera Gymnocalicium, Astrophytum (cultivars and hybrids), Thelocactus, Stenocactus, and Sulcorebutia and Mediolobivia.
A lot of cultivated species carry my field number CZ, CSD or CH (a list of collection numbers is here).

Lots of collection plants are going to be gradually seen in my Fotogallery. The Articles section is supposed to contain various interesting things from my trips, from the greenhouse, my experiences, opinions, etc. In the download section, there are going to be offering sheets of seeds and cacti, plants of tilandsias, literature and other offers all available for download.

Although there is no previous registration needed to make a purchase in the e-shop I recommend you to register prior shopping. The advantage you get is that with any other order you don’t have to fill in all the mandatory data that is necessary for shipment. If you choose to register then immediately upon completion you will receive an e-mail with a link to activate your account. Please activate your account within 24 hours of message delivery.

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So enjoy your visit here!
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